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Interview with a Healer

Introducing our Managing Director/Healer Don Whiteford a.k.a. Chief Druid


How long have you been working in the Games Industry?

After more than a decade working as a graphic designer and copywriter in advertising, I first got into the games industry just over 20 years ago. I am what some folk politely term a ‘veteran’.

How did you start out/get into this sector?

I got a job as a producer after doing a 15 page critique of my favourite game at the time, TFX by Digital Image Design. Martin Kenwright liked what he read and offered me a job! I had to move my family from The Netherlands back to the UK. More specifically to Runcorn, which I thought was in Somerset…

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Interview with an Alchemist

Introducing our Design Director/Alchemist - Carl Jackson


How long have you been working in the Games Industry?

Almost 20 years! I started back in 1995, on a flight simulator called EF2000 working in the QA department. I spent 5 years working in QA and got to know the games industry very well in that time, but instead of making sure games worked, I wanted to be designing and creating them myself.

How did get into designing computer games?

The first design job I had was back in 2002. I was creating tracks for racing games, which was a great experience. Creating and then playing tracks I’d made, and honing them until they delivered the experience we were aiming for was great fun.

As a level designer, I wasn’t in a position back then to do full game design, but I was having a lot of ideas for games, so I kept them all in my head until the time came when I could use them.

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Interview with a Giant

Introducing our Art Director/Giant Andy Bate


How long have you been working in the Games Industry?

I started working in the games industry 25 year ago! I have spent more time in my life making games than anything else.... except sleeping maybe!

How did you start out in this sector?

After finishing my foundation course in Art and Design at the tender age of 19, I was given a choice; go to university and get an art degree; or join a games design company and make computer games. I chose the latter. Best decision I ever made! Read more

Sacred Pool Preview

Judgement Day is coming...

Drawn by powers as old as time itself, the spirits of light and the forces of darkness are gathering their strength. A line has been drawn between the heavens and the abyss. War is coming!

The Sacred Pool expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition adds 4 characters, 72 Adventure Cards, 16 Spell Cards, 24 Quest Reward Cards, 12 Stables Cards and 3 Alternative Ending Cards. Read on to find out more about these fantastic new additions to Talisman: Digital Edition. Read more

A Talisman for SpecialEffect

The new character for the Talisman board is revealed!

The Shaman Character

The Shaman Character

When friends introduced us to SpecialEffect, and the work they do to support people with disabilities to play digital games we were hugely impressed. As a games maker and publisher, we wanted to lend our support but get everyone involved in the process to help raise awareness of the charity.

The character competition has provided a perfect spring board to raise that awareness, bringing Talisman fans and SpecialEffects together to design the next character.

With over 200 entries from fans across the world and over 1500 votes for the shortlisted 6, the Shaman, by Graham Zaretsky, took a convincing lead with 40% of the votes.

Following the vote in January the character was handed over to three creative guys, who SpecialEffects provide support to. Amandeep, Ben and Gareth all set to work and produced some really inspirational sketches and collages to develop the look and feel for the Shaman.

From this composition the Shaman evolved, and she’s now in the process of being digitally transformed so she can roam the Talisman board.

From this composition the Shaman evolved, and she’s now in the process of being digitally transformed so she can roam the Talisman board.

Shaman picture The Shaman is a mysterious character that is at one with nature, she can use her link with natural forces to draw power from the wildlife throughout the land. The raw power of a Bear, the wisdom of an Owl or the incredible speed of a Cheetah are all at her disposal.

This collaboration between Nomad Games, Talisman fans and SpecialEffect, has produced a fantastic new character that we’re all really proud of. The character card will be available to purchase in May, and Nomad Games know she’ll be a great addition to the Talisman Digital Edition family!

“I’m deeply honored that The Shaman was selected to help raise money for SpecialEffects. I love the artwork and that it is exactly in the spirit of the character that I imagined. I hope that it helps raise a lot of money and awareness for SpecialEffects.” Graham Zaretsky designer of the Shaman.

Designer Graham Zaretsky

Designer Graham Zaretsky

The three artists Amandeep Singh Heer, Ben Clark & Gareth Garratt

The three artists Amandeep Singh Heer, Ben Clark & Gareth Garratt

Highland Preview

Tread carefully, brave adventurers... The Eagle King stirs.

Do you have what it takes to brave the Highland? All sorts of perils await you in those daunting peaks.
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Character Competition - Winner!

We had over a thousand votes for the design a character competition, and here is your winner! Read more

Ninja & Pirate Characters

As part of the January 2015 update, we've included two characters which are automatically included in the game for free. First seen back in the 2nd Edition expansion packs, these two characters make a welcome return and have had their stats and abilities updated to work with the 4th Revised Edition rules. Read more

Talisman: Quest for the Crown

By Umbrella Incorporated

This guide was first posted on Steam in October 2013, when the game was first launched on Early Access.
There are many perils and suprises waiting for you on your quest for the Crown. It's too dangerous to go alone. Read on if you wish to live.

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June 4, 2014Posted by Carl in Article

Frostmarch Preview

There’s a deadly chill in the air...

The horizon is dominated by a frozen continent of ice, The Frostmarch! The dreaded Ice Queen is coming, and she is armed with the Crown of Command! Transforming the land into a desolate, frozen wasteland, she is heading this way and must be stopped!
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