The Blood Moon Expansion

We take an in-depth look at the latest expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition - The Blood Moon. New characters, spells, cards and a prowling Werewolf make this a dangerous and horrifying expansion! Read on...

A Pale Glow Engulfs the Land...

Once in a generation, the Blood Moon begins its fell cycle, bathing the realm in a pallid light. Compelled by its sinister presence, the restless dead rise from their graves, vampires hunt for unwary prey, and witches engage in nocturnal rituals. Worse yet, the horrifying Werewolf prowls the night, seeking heroes with whom to share his curse.

The Blood Moon expansion adds 111 new Adventure Cards, 10 new Spell Cards, 1 Time Card, 6 Lycanthrope Cards, 3 Alternative Ending Cards, 3 new characters and the Werewolf, a feral creature that players manipulate against each other.

Can you survive until daybreak?

The Blood Moon



The Doomsayer benefits from the actions of all characters. He can gain Spells and replenish Fate when any character encounters Events and Enemies. To help him do this himself, he can draw an extra Adventure Card if he doesn’t draw an Enemy or Event.

Grave Robber

The Grave Robber has a knack for plundering the fallen for personal gain. He can ransack the Adventure discard pile to draw a card from there instead of a new card, knowing what he will be faced with. When at the Graveyard, he can wander through the tombs there to dig through the top 8 cards of the Adventure deck to see if there are any useful Objects for him to take.

Vampire Hunter

Garbed in crosses and loaded with multiple stakes and vials of holy water, the Vampire Hunter is ready to stalk her prey. In her relentless search for Enemies, she can discard any card which is not an Enemy after drawing to investigate the space further.

Day Dreams and Night Terrors

One of the biggest new features for Talisman: Digital Edition with the introduction of The Blood Moon is the passage of time. A new Time Card is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the game screen when The Blood Moon expansion is in use. During the day, creatures subtract one from their attack score in battle and psychic combat (to a minimum of one), but under the cover of night, the same creatures each add one to their attack score. Many of the spells and adventures cards in The Blood Moon are affected by the time of day, granting unique benefits during one or the other. When a character draws one or more Events during his turn, time passes. Day turns to night and night turns to day. Each time Nightfall occurs, a full day will have passed in the world of Talisman.

Lunar Events

The Blood Moon expansion features a new type of Adventure card – Lunar Events. Unlike normal Events, which change the time of day, Lunar Events state on them what the time of day must be changed to and they stay in effect until the time of day changes.

The Werewolf

Like the Grim Reaper, the Werewolf prowls around the game board hunting for prey. Whenever a player rolls a 1 for their move, they must move the Werewolf when their turn has ended. If both the Reaper and the Werewolf are in play, the player can choose which order they move in.

If the Werewolf lands on a character, they must roll on the Werewolf’s chart.

Rolling a 1 result on the Werewolf’s chart turns the character into a Lycanthrope.


Being mauled by the Werewolf can result in a character becoming a Lycanthrope. When a character becomes a Lycanthrope, they have a Lycanthrope card in their inventory, which explains the rules of being a Lycanthrope when clicked on.

In this screenshot, the Prophetess is a Lycanthrope, and has the Lycanthrope card in her inventory. You can see at a glance which characters have this curse by their character icon on the left of the screen.
The Lycanthropy is indicated by a scratch mark across the character’s icon.
Lycanthrope characters add 1 to their rolls on the Werewolf’s chart.
As well as these bonuses, Lycanthropes must be aware of the suspicion and fear they create amongst the people of the world of Talisman. Two Adventure cards in particular can put an end to a cursed character’s adventures.

The peasants are revolting! The Peasant Mob are on the look-out for Lycanthropes and will kill any they find.
The Growing Suspicions event card can be a real problem late in the game, and can cause serious life loss to everyone, even those who aren’t Lycanthropes!

Alternative Endings

The Blood Moon comes with three new Alternative Endings, including the first ever co-operative mode for Talisman!

Blood Moon Werewolf is a hidden ending, meaning that it is only revealed when a character arrives at the Crown of Command. Lycanthropes encountering this ending can attack other characters, no matter where they are, and will kill them if they are victorious. Non-Lycanthropes must fight the Werewolf with a Strength/Craft of 12.

Horrible Black Void is an infamous ending revised from Talisman: The Adventure. This hidden ending is a disaster for any character who encounters it – they lose the game! It’s as simple as that! No dice rolls, no way of avoiding it, your character is pulled into the black void and loses. Other players laugh at your misfortune and continue the game.

Lightbearers is a co-operative ending in which all players play the roles of good alignment characters and must work together to get to the Crown of Command before a certain amount of time passes.

This concludes our look at The Blood Moon expansion, which is available now on PC/Mac (Steam), the Google Play Store and the App Store.
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