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Interview with a Giant

Introducing our Art Director/Giant Andy Bate


How long have you been working in the Games Industry?

I started working in the games industry 25 year ago! I have spent more time in my life making games than anything else.... except sleeping maybe!

How did you start out in this sector?

After finishing my foundation course in Art and Design at the tender age of 19, I was given a choice; go to university and get an art degree; or join a games design company and make computer games. I chose the latter. Best decision I ever made! Read more

Ninja & Pirate Characters

As part of the January 2015 update, we've included two characters which are automatically included in the game for free. First seen back in the 2nd Edition expansion packs, these two characters make a welcome return and have had their stats and abilities updated to work with the 4th Revised Edition rules. Read more