Characters - Part 1

Characters are at the core of the experience in Talisman. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses and provides a very different way of playing the game. Warriors are battle-hardy and strong and Wizards are weaker but have mastered the use of Spells.
The Talisman board game comes with 14 characters for you to choose from with many more available as part of expansion packs. Talisman Prologue is a single player game, so some of the board game’s original characters which have abilities targeting other players aren't included, but they will make an appearance at some point…

Talisman Prologue has 10 characters taken from the board game’s 14, and this is the first of two articles detailing those characters.

Click each image below to view information about the first five characters.

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Whether it’s battling evil Dragons, searching for rare artefacts or mastering the use of Spells, all of these characters will go on fantastic quests which play differently every time.

Come back soon for Part 2 of this character preview, where I’ll be looking at the other characters we’re using in Talisman Prologue.

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