Talisman: DE - Dev. Update Blog #2

In this new blog, we'll be taking a close look at some of the new features of the game, which Early Access customers are already playing with!

Inventory Quick-View
We all know that it’s important during a game of Talisman to be able to quickly get an overview of everyone’s cards. You will often roll to move and find that you can land on more than one other character, so the design challenge was this - how do we let the player quickly see an overview of the whole game?

Talisman can take a long time to play, and one of our main focuses during development has been speeding things up without forcing the player to play quicker than they’re comfortable with. Next to each character’s portrait in the corners of the screen, are four coloured mini-decks. These decks show you how many Spells, Objects, Followers and Trophies each player has. If you press any character’s set of mini-decks then a large inventory overlay appears.

In this screenshot, I’m playing as the Wizard against three AI players – the Prophetess, the Sorceress and the Dwarf. I press the mini-decks underneath my character’s stats and the Inventory Quick-View appears. I can see from this box the four characters displayed in rows with each character’s cards shown along their row. The cards are shown in the same order as with the mini-decks, so Spells are first, then Objects, then Followers and lastly Trophies. I currently have the Random Spell, and I can see from the Play Area below that it’s glowing, which means I can cast it at this time. I can only see the back of the Prophetess’ Spell card though, so her Spell is a secret!

As you can see, the cards are displayed in their small form, so that they fit within the overlay. If you want to investigate a card further, you can press any of them and it will be displayed larger for you to read, along with the other cards in its group. For instance, if I press the Maiden card here then I will be shown large cards of all of my Followers. Same goes for Objects, Spells and Trophies.

Bringing up this inventory view does not pause the game, so you can bring it up whilst the AI characters have their turns and see cards added or removed from the view as they are picked up or ditched.

This view shows you everything you need to know about the current state of the game. When the Inventory Quick-View isn’t open, you can still see which characters currently have a Talisman card by their Talisman Indicator next to their portrait, which glows when that character has a Talisman. Alignment is also shown next to the portrait.

So as you can see, getting a really quick overview of what’s going on and seeing which player has the best cards for you to go and steal is very easy and helps the game flow nicely.

New Artwork

Some of the artwork from the 4th edition of the board game has been revisited and received a new lick of paint for this digital version. Here are some ‘before and after’ images of the new cards.

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou & Andy Bate

One look into the eyes of this guy is enough to make any Follower leave you!

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

This wicked Witch will roam the land offering goodies but may take a life or turn you into a toad should she see fit!

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

The vicious bear is waiting to use its claws on any unsuspecting adventurer.

Wild Boar
Artist: Markella Stavropoulou & Andy Bate

Don’t let this wild beast’s low Strength trick you, it can be a match for anyone!

Artist: Andy Bate

This beast from the Firelands is one of the most dangerous enemies you will face!

Artist: Andy Bate

Towering over his foes, the mighty Giant will clear anyone from his path.


I put a call out on our forum last year for suggestions for achievements and received some great ideas from our members. Here are a few just to whet your appetite –

Battle Toad – Win a fight as a Toad.
St. George – Kill a Dragon using the Holy Lance.
The Exorcist – Use the Cross to kill a Demon.
Best of Two out of Three – Win a Dice With Death.

Queuing a Spell
A great feature we’ve added for you spell-casters out there is the ability to prepare a spell for casting, or ‘queue’ it. If you have a spell which cannot currently be cast, you can double-click it in the Play Area and it will be queued, and from that point on (they can be un-queued) it is poised to be cast as soon as there is a valid target.

For example, you have the Mesmerism spell, which lets you take a Follower from another player, but no-one has a Follower yet. You queue the spell by double-clicking it and as soon as another player has a Follower and it’s the beginning of your turn, the spell is automatically cast! This helps you understand the mechanics behind when a spell can be cast.

Character Select
Another option we’re giving you is the ability to choose which character you play as. You can select a random character if you wish, but if you have a favourite character then you can select them when you set a game up. If you want to play as a random character, as per the board game rules, you can select the ‘?’ character.

We’re also allowing more than one player to be the same character, in fact, all four players can! Ever wanted to have a four-player Dwarven stand-off? Or maybe a board full of Trolls? Now you can! Each player is indicated by their own colour, so you won’t get mixed up seeing which character belongs to which player.

That's all for this blog, I hope you found it an interesting read!

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