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Character Pack #3 - Devil's Minion

The Devil’s Minion is a really interesting and scary-looking character! His starting statistics suggest a character with little to offer, but his abilities more than make up for it. Let’s go through each one…

“When you attack another character, you may choose to make the attack psychic combat, but not when you are attacked by another character.”
We’ve seen this ability before, with characters such as the Wizard, Ghoul and Sorceress, so nothing new there!

“Whenever you are about to encounter an Enemy Spirit, you may choose to have it attack another character in your Region instead of encountering the Spirit yourself.”
This is a VERY interesting ability and one which the Devil’s Minion player will want to use often! Whenever he encounters an Enemy Spirit, he can choose to encounter it himself, as normal, or send it off to attack any other player! You can see this happen in the above video, 40 seconds in. I drew a Wight card and because the Devil’s Minion’s starting Craft is 3 and the Wight has a Craft of 4, I decided to send it to another character. All of the AI players have a Craft of 4 too, so there is a chance that I’ll actually be helping them gain a follower, but it’s worth the risk so off he goes to the Druid! I had to consider that sending the Wight to the Priest may have resulted in the Priest destroying it and so the best option was the Druid or the Elf. The Druid lost to the Wight!

At 1:35 in the video, you can see another of the Devil’s Minion’s abilities – “Whenever you land on the Graveyard or the Cursed Glade, you may choose not to encounter the space and heal 1 life, gain 1 Spell, or teleport to any other space in the same Region instead.”
I landed on the Graveyard and chose not to encounter it, which meant I could choose to either gain 1 spell or teleport to another space in the region (I hadn’t lost any lives, so couldn’t heal). As the Devil’s Minion is always Evil, the Graveyard now becomes a space where he has all of these options – Replenish Fate, Gain 1 Spell, Heal 1 Life or Teleport. Powerful indeed!

In the video, I chose to teleport to the Forest space so that I could send the Wight off to another player again. The Druid was once again my target, but the combat ended in a standoff. I then went back to the Graveyard and chose to gain a spell this time.

Another useful ability is this – “Whenever any of the following cards are drawn, you encounter them as well as the character who drew them: Devil, Mephistopheles, and Phantom.”
Even if other players draw these three cards, you can gain the benefits from them after they have encountered them.

The Devil’s Minion also cannot use Armour or Weapons, except for the powerful Runesword!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at the Devil’s Minion and I’m sure you’ll enjoy sending Spirits to attack other players!

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