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The Dungeon Expansion

The Legend of the Lord of Darkness

Eons ago, a crafty wizard dared to pit his arcane arts against the infernal powers of the Lord of Darkness. The battle raged for days until finally, to the demon overlord’s outrage and horror, the wizard trapped him within his own dungeon and stole his diabolical powers.

Using the power he had taken from the Lord of Darkness, the wizard enslaved mysterious spirits and compelled them to forge a magical crown for him in the Valley of Fire. While he wore this Crown of Command, no one dared challenge the wizard’s absolute rule over the land of Talisman.

But that was centuries ago. Time finally accomplished what no army could do, and laid the wizard low. In his final days, he hid the Crown of Command in the most perilous part of the most dangerous land in his realm. He set around it the most fearsome guardians that his most powerful spells were able to command, to wait for the day when a champion with sufficient strength, wisdom, and courage will take his crown and rule in his stead.

But the Lord of Darkness still remains locked in his dark prison, its murky precincts home to all manner of loathsome and vicious creatures who do his nefarious bidding. The demon’s undead legions infest its depths, eager to devour the hapless souls who wander or become trapped there. The Goblin King and his thieving minions also lurk in the subterranean maze, filling the dark lord’s treasure room with untold wealth and powerful artefacts. And everywhere tread the evil one’s iron golems, destroying all who cross their path.


Expansion Overview

Surrounding the land of Talisman are four great kingdoms known as Regions. Each Region offers great opportunities, as well as terrible dangers, for adventurers brave enough to enter them. This expansion allows you to enter one of these extraordinary areas – the Dungeon Region ruled by the dreaded Lord of Darkness.

Object of the Game

The object of the game remains the same as the Talisman Digital Edition base game. Characters must reach the Crown of Command in the centre of the board and then, by casting Command Spells, force the other characters out of the game. However, the Dungeon Region offers a new way to reach the Crown of Command via the Treasure Chamber space (see “Treasure Chamber”).

Cards in The Dungeon expansion are marked with an expansion symbol to differentiate them from the cards in the base game. DungeonLogo01

Dungeon Board

The Dungeon board (referred to as a “Region”) depicts the domain and lair of the Lord of Darkness. The Dungeon Region holds many dangers, but also offers great riches and powerful Treasures to those characters bold enough to enter.


Dungeon Cards

There are 128 Dungeon Cards, featuring new Events, Enemies, Strangers, Objects, Followers, and Places. Dungeon Cards are similar to the Adventure Cards in the base game, but are encountered by characters exploring the Dungeon Region.


Adventure Cards

The 10 new Adventure Cards feature new Events, Enemies, and Places. Most of the Adventure Cards work exactly like those in the base game. Adventure Cards with a Dungeon icon next to their title are only used if the Dungeon board is being used (see “The Dungeon Icon,”).


Spell Cards

There are 20 new Spell Cards, detailing Spells characters may cast during the game. These Spell Cards work exactly like those in the base game.


Treasure Cards

The 10 Treasure Cards are Magic Objects characters may obtain by killing the Lord of Darkness in the Dungeon’s Treasure Chamber (see “Fighting the Lord of Darkness”).



The five new Character Cards work exactly like those in the base game, and offer players an even larger selection of heroes to play.



Expansion Rules

When playing Talisman with The Dungeon expansion, the basic rules of playing Talisman are unchanged, and the game is still won by reaching the Crown of Command and eliminating all other players. The only new rules needed are for entering and exploring the Dungeon Region. These are found below.

Entering the Dungeon

The Dungeon is connected to the main Talisman board at the main board’s Ruins space. A character may enter the Dungeon Region simply by moving directly from the Ruins space on the main board to the Dungeon Entrance space, if his movement die roll provides him with sufficient movement.

Entering the Dungeon through the Ruins space is optional. Characters may choose not to enter the Dungeon, and travel around the Outer Region instead.

While characters travel around the main Talisman board, they may also discover Adventure Cards that allow them to enter the Dungeon Region. Rules for entering the Dungeon by means other than through the Ruins space are detailed on the specific Adventure Cards providing these means.

Drawing Cards in the Dungeon

When characters in the Dungeon Region are instructed to draw cards, they always draw Dungeon Cards rather than Adventure Cards. This is true even when, for example, cards and special abilities specifically instruct the player to draw one or more “Adventure Cards.”

Movement in the Dungeon

Movement in the Dungeon follows the normal movement rules; characters roll one die and move the indicated number of spaces.

Note that characters must move either directly with or directly against the arrows when in the Dungeon. The Dungeon map is a linear path, and characters may not move in other directions, such as across a Dungeon space’s text box. For example, a character could not move directly from the Library space to the Hall of Darkness space.

Leaving the Dungeon

Some Dungeon encounters grant characters the opportunity to exit the Dungeon and return to the main game board. Other than these encounters, the only ways to leave the Dungeon are to reach the Treasure Chamber (see “Treasure Chamber”) or to exit to the Ruins via the Dungeon Entrance space. When exiting via the Dungeon Entrance, a character with sufficient movement to continue past the Ruins must choose between continuing his movement clockwise or counterclockwise in the Outer Region.

Treasure Chamber

The Treasure Chamber is the last space in the Dungeon. It contains vast riches and magical artefacts, but it is also the lair of the most powerful creature in the Dungeon – the Lord of Darkness. When a character reaches the Treasure Chamber, he must end his move there, even if he has more movement available.


When a character ends his move in the Treasure Chamber, he must fight the Lord of Darkness. If he defeats the Lord of Darkness, he may claim treasure from the demon’s horde. Finally, whether the character defeats or was defeated by the Lord of Darkness, the character emerges from the Treasure Chamber.

Fighting the Lord of Darkness

A character fighting the Lord of Darkness may choose to battle or wage psychic combat against him. The Lord of Darkness has Strength 12 and Craft 12.

Fighting the Lord of Darkness is conducted according to the normal rules governing attacks, save that the Lord of Darkness cannot be evaded, and only characters may attack the Lord of Darkness; Followers, Spells, or Objects cannot fight in a character’s place.

If a character is defeated, he must lose one life as normal (use of an Object, Spell, or special ability that would prevent life loss may prevent this as normal).

Darkness Never Dies

When the Lord of Darkness is killed his corporeal form is broken, but his spirit remains just as potent as before. The Lord of Darkness will recover and reform his body, and he will fight any character that encounters him in later turns with full Strength and Craft. Later encounters follow all the rules for encountering the Lord of Darkness.

Claiming Treasure

Characters who kill the Lord of Darkness may look through the Treasure deck and choose one Treasure Card from it as a reward. If the Treasure deck has been depleted, however, no reward is available and a character will receive nothing.

If a character emerges from the Dungeon, and later returns and kills the Lord of Darkness again, he may choose another Treasure Card as a reward, if one is available.

Only characters who kill the Lord of Darkness may claim Treasure Cards. Characters who attack the Lord of Darkness and are defeated, or have a stand-off, instead emerge from the Treasure Chamber without any reward for their efforts.

Emerge From the Treasure Chamber

After a character kills the Lord of Darkness, has a stand-off, or is defeated, he must leave the Treasure Chamber and determine where he emerges on the board.

To determine where the character emerges, subtract the Lord of Darkness’s attack score from the character’s attack score and consult the chart on the Treasure Chamber space. The greater a character’s attack score, the closer he emerges to the Inner Region. If a character’s attack score beats the Lord of Darkness’s score by eight or more, he emerges directly on the Crown of Command! If the Lord of Darkness’s attack score is greater than the character’s attack score, the character must use the “0” result on the Treasure Chamber’s chart.

Characters that emerge on the Crown of Command do not need to have a Talisman to enter the space. If a character kills the Lord of Darkness without resolving an attack (such as by casting the Finger of Death Spell), the character must use the “0” result on the Treasure Chamber’s chart.

Example of Resolving the Treasure Chamber

The Gypsy begins her turn on the Summoning Circle and rolls a “6” for her move. She moves to the Treasure Chamber and must end her move there, even though her movement roll was more than the two spaces between her and the Treasure Chamber.

The Gypsy chooses to fight the Lord of Darkness in psychic combat instead of battle. She has a total of 13 Craft in psychic combat and rolls a “3” for her attack roll. This brings her attack score to 16. The Lord of Darkness rolls an attack roll of “2,” bringing his attack score to 14. Since the Gypsy’s attack score is higher, she kills the Lord of Darkness and chooses one Treasure Card from the Treasure deck as a reward. If her attack score had been equal to or less than the Lord of Darkness’s attack score, she would not have killed him or received a Treasure Card.

The Gypsy determines where she emerges on the board when leaving the Treasure Chamber by subtracting the Lord of Darkness’s attack score of 14 from her own attack score of 16, which corresponds to the “2” result on the Treasure Chamber space. She immediately moves to the Chasm and encounters that space.


Other Rules

Moving After Defeat

If a character is defeated and is instructed to land on a space, the character must move to that space and immediately end his turn. A defeated character may not encounter the space he lands on, nor may he encounter a character on that space.

Treasure Cards

Treasure Cards are treated in all respects like Adventure Cards once they are in a character’s possession, except that if they must be discarded, they are removed from the game instead of being placed in the discard pile. Such cards do not return to the Treasure deck and they are not available to characters who later kill the Lord of Darkness. Treasure Cards may be ditched, discarded, stolen, or sold like other Objects.

Special Abilities involving Adventure Cards in the Dungeon Region

Special abilities and effects that apply to Adventure Cards behave differently when characters are in the Dungeon Region rather than the Outer, Middle, or Inner Regions. When used within the Dungeon Region, these special abilities and effects apply to cards from the Dungeon deck instead. For example, the Prophetess’s special ability states that whenever she draws Adventure Cards, she may discard one card of her choice and draw one more card to replace it. While the Prophetess is in the Outer, Middle, or Inner Region, her ability applies to cards from the Adventure deck. However, while she is in the Dungeon Region her ability applies to cards from the Dungeon deck instead.