The Firelands

A new peril erupts in the realm with The Firelands expansion for Talisman. The legendary Ifrit, who were enslaved by a mighty wizard to create the Crown of Command, have returned to exact fiery vengeance on the land of Talisman. The Ifrit's inferno will char the land, burning away players' resources and setting entire regions ablaze. Players must race to battle this terrible threat since only the Crown of Command can truly extinguish the Ifrit's flames. Only the greatest of heroes will rise from the flames to complete the quest across The Firelands.


Nomad, vagabond, call her what you will. The Nomad’s abilities focus on encountering spaces, specifically allowing her to draw a card instead of following the instructions on the space. This is very useful when faced with the Black Knight or other dangerous spaces – draw a card instead! She cannot do this in the Inner Region.
If she has Fate available, she can spend one to stay on the space she is already in at the start of her turn instead of moving normally, unless she did this on her last turn. This can be quite powerful if she encounters cards like Magic Stream.

Jin Blooded
talisman, jin blooded
The Jin Blooded draws on his heritage to utilise powerful magical abilities. At the start of his turn, he may discard one of his spells to gain 1 fate and then at the end of his turn he may spend 1 fate to draw a spell! This is an extremely powerful combination of abilities that makes the Jin Blooded almost like a walking Wand! Like a spell-sponge, the Jin Blooded can absorb the magical energy when a spell is cast on him or near him to gain 1 fate, or even spend 2 fate to bind the spell and cast it on a new target.


Able to build up a powerful army of conscripted followers, this military minded character will march towards the Crown of Command with a powerful entourage in tow. Followers you would usually want to avoid, such as the Deathstalker, Hag and the Black Cat, are no problem for the Warlord. She can take them as conscripted followers and use them to add 1 to her strength during battle. The army of conscripted followers can also be added to whenever the Warlord defeats another character in battle, as she can take a follower from the loser as well as her normal reward. Conscripted followers can be sacrificed to soak up damage intended for the Warlord, as she can discard one to prevent the loss of life.


The Dervish is an experienced master of weapons, who begins his adventures with a sword and water bottle, starting from the Oasis space in the Middle Region. He can use two weapons in battle, and one weapon he is carrying does not count towards his carry limit.
Victories over enemies spur him on, allowing him to immediately move a number of spaces equal to a defeated enemy’s strength.

Did you leave the oven on?

No, you didn’t. That smell is the land of Talisman ablaze! Many new cards in The Firelands instruct the players to place Fireland tokens on the board. These dangerous tokens signify the flames spreading across the board and characters will lose a life each time they end their turn on a space which has one of these tokens on it.

Some men just like to watch the world burn

A new keyword in The Firelands is ‘Burn’, which is a new effect that represents the complete incineration of part of the Talisman world. When players are instructed to burn a card, it is completely removed from the game and is classed as a ‘burnt card’.

Some cards are immune to the ravages of flame and cannot become burnt cards. These cards possess the fireproof symbol. Cards with the fireproof symbol are not affected by burn effects.

If an effect causes the player to burn a card, he cannot choose a card that has the fireproof symbol. If all cards have the fireproof symbol, then nothing happens.

It's starting terrain

The power of the Ifrit causes the land to irrevocably shift and change. During a game, players may be instructed to place Terrain Cards on board spaces. Each Terrain Card represents a familiar board space, such as the Woods, Forest, Graveyard and Ruins.

A Terrain Card on a space replaces the original text for that space and characters encounter the Terrrain Card instead. Terrain Cards cannot be placed in the Inner Region.

Terrain Cards can change the board dramatically, and make players rethink their strategy when they appear. For example, if a Fields Terrain Card is placed on the Sentinel space in the Outer Region, characters may freely cross between the Outer Region and Middle Regions, they do not have to fight the Sentinel. Similarly, if a Terrain Card is on the Portal of Power space, characters may move into the Inner Region without having to pick or force the lock.

In the above screenshot, a Hills Terrain Card has been placed on the Sentinel space and a Desert Terrain Card has replaced the Woods space next to it. Just having these two Terrain Cards on these spaces makes quite a significant change to the game – the Sentinel can now be walked straight past without combat and there is now one less Woods space in the Outer Region which affects the Elf’s teleporting ability plus the amount of places a Raft can be made.

Alternative Endings

The Firelands comes with three new Alternative Endings.

Crown of Flames (Hidden) – when this ending is revealed, a dramatic game of ‘it’ kicks in. The character who reveals the ending has a Crown of Flame, which slowly burns away their possessions, followers, spells and lives. They must pass on the Crown of Flame to other characters as soon as they can. If they die whilst in possession of the Crown of Flame, they pass it to the next player. Eventually, all characters will burn to ash leaving just one player left who wins the game.

Spreading Flames (Hidden) – this ending sees the land of Talisman fill up with Fireland tokens, causing unavoidable death and destruction. At the start of each character’s turn, they place a Fireland token on their space. Characters cannot leave the Outer and Middle Regions, so as the number of Fireland tokens builds up, they become more and more likely to land on them and lose lives. The last character alive wins.

A Hero Rises (Revealed) – in this ending, characters are in a race to get to 13 fate points. Whenever they defeat enemies they gain 1 fate point. Characters can go higher than their normal maximum fate allowed whilst this ending is in use. The first character to reach the Crown of Command with 13 or more fate wins.

Adventure Cards

The Firelands adds some interesting cards to the Adventure Deck, which can have a huge impact on players’ strategies. Most of the new cards involve the Ifrit and the devastation they bring to the board.

When the Ifrit Sultana is face-up on the board, she can cause non-fireproof cards to be burnt at the start of each character’s turn. This can cause some well-known and classic Talisman cards to disappear from the game completely! The player can choose battle or psychic combat when confronting her, but with a Strength/Craft of 8 it won’t be easy to remove her from the board.

Rise of the Phoenix is an Event card which brings some much needed respite amongst the chaos. When encountered, the character who drew the card can choose to heal all characters, replenish the fate of all characters or shuffle all burnt cards back into their decks. The later this card is drawn, the more powerful it becomes.

Eruption is a typical example of the fiery rage spreading across the land. Each character who is a space which has a fireland token on it must lose 1 life AND burn one of their cards. If there are no fireland tokens in play then one is added to each character’s space.

The Firelands is the ninth expansion pack for Talisman: Digital Edition and is available now!

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