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Frostmarch Preview

There’s a deadly chill in the air...

The horizon is dominated by a frozen continent of ice, The Frostmarch! The dreaded Ice Queen is coming, and she is armed with the Crown of Command! Transforming the land into a desolate, frozen wasteland, she is heading this way and must be stopped!

The Frostmarch expansion adds many new cards and characters to add to your Talisman: Digital Edition collection, including the introduction of Alternative Endings. The pack includes 4 characters, 20 spells, 80 adventure cards, 24 Warlock Quest cards and 3 Alternative Endings. In this article, I’ll take a close look at some of the new content included in The Frostmarch expansion pack.


Truly brave adventurers are needed to halt the march of the Ice Queen, and 4 new characters are available to take on the challenge.

Ogre Chieftain

The powerful Ogre Chieftain travels the land amassing an army of monsters to fight by his side. Enemies of the 'monster' type can be dominated and taken with the Ogre to be used in later battles. He can use them whenever he likes (discarding them after one use) and as many as he likes, so this behemoth can grow to be extremely powerful as the game progresses.


The plucky Leprechaun is a deceptively useful character, who can gather a large stash of gold very quickly by landing on Woods spaces. There are many ways to use gold to your advantage – paying for healing, buying from the Blacksmith/Market, avoiding Bandits, etc. and the Leprechaun can become a walking goldmine! He can also teleport to any other space in the same region whenever he rolls a 6 for movement, which allows him to travel to the Woods spaces often!


The mysterious Necromancer is almost a Craft version of the Ogre Chieftain, as he can build an army of Spirit followers to use in psychic combat whenever he wishes!


At last! The Warlock emerges from his cave to join the adventure! The Warlock is a powerful spell-caster, starting with a high Craft and being able to gain his full complement of spells at the start of his turn. Whenever he completes a Warlock Quest, he can take a card from the purchase deck instead of a gaining a Talisman as his reward. Frostmarch has many more opportunities to complete Warlock Quests and many more quests too!

Adventure Cards

With The Frostmarch come lots of new adventure cards, including many ice and snow themed enemies and events. Here are some of the new cards...


The Eastern Dragon must be fought using the weakest of your Strength/Craft, and losing to it results in losing a random magic object as well as a life.

The Glory Seeker can help you gain Warlock Quests but will also cause you to lose them if he defeats you. Warlock Quests are a big feature of The Frostmarch, as you’ll see below.

The cunning Trickster will cause you to lose a random object if he beats you, along with losing a life. But if you defeat him, he will go and retrieve an object of your choice from any other character in the same region. Nice!


The powerful Ragnarok event removes all face up enemies, places and strangers from the board! This can almost wipe clean a heavily populated board to make room for some fresh new cards.

The Ymir’s Glow event card allows all characters to gain their full complement of spells according to their current Craft, and with some interesting new spells added (see below), this can be very useful!


The Lore Master grants characters meeting him their full complement of spells, but should a character take the full amount of 3 spells, he will depart.

Should you meet a Pegasus on your travels, the winged horse will offer you a ride to any other space in the same region.

The Goblin Sapper can be paid to destroy any face up adventure card on the board!


The helpful Porter will join you if you pay him 1 gold, and will carry up to four objects for you, like a mule!

The Hieromartyr follower will offer to make the ultimate sacrifice (being discarded!) if you are defeated, and your life will be saved.

Similar to a Summon spell (Reaper pack), the Champion will fight in your place with a strength of 3. If she loses, she is killed but your life is spared.

Objects & Magic Objects

The Lucky Charm can be used before you roll a die and allow you to choose the result!

The Astrolabe is a very interesting object, which lets you choose to be unaffected by any events drawn by any character! This lets you choose to avoid events like Pestilence, Blizzard, Magical Vortex and the mischievous Imp, whilst also allowing you to join in with events like Mephistopheles, Book of Spells and the Angel! Very useful indeed!

The Mirror Shield is one of two objects in The Frostmarch which work as armour effective against psychic combat. Previously, armour types would only work for battles, but the Mirror Shield and Helm of Warding now give you a chance to save your life if you lose psychic combat.


The Lake of Visions is similar to the Magic Stream, Pool of Life and Fountain of Wisdom, but provides 4 Warlock Quest cards to choose from.

The Arcane Archive is a good solution for characters stuck with spells they cannot cast or do not like – sell them for 1 gold each! You can also buy spells from the Arcane Archive.


The powerful Obliterate spell removes all adventure cards from the region and discards them!

The Hydra Spell is a very interesting new addition to the spell deck. When a spell has just been cast, Hydra Spell can be cast and the caster can choose any other character (including themselves) as additional targets! For example, if a player casts Healing on himself, you can cast Hydra Spell and choose to have the spell cast on yourself too! Hydra Spell is one of the most powerful spells in the game and can be devastating in the hands of a skilled spell caster!

The Time Steal spell allows you to cause another character to end their turn immediately whilst you take an additional turn!

Warlock Quests

24 Warlock Quest cards are included in The Frostmarch, which give players more diversity in their quest to gain a Talisman. New quests include defeating the Sentinel, giving another character 1 gold and praying at the Temple.

Alternate Endings

The biggest new addition in The Frostmarch is the Alternate Ending rule.

When choosing to play with the Alternate Ending rule, you can select to have the ending Hidden or Revealed.

Revealed endings are known from the start of the game by all players and can affect how the game is played. Hidden endings remain secret until the first time any player lands on the Crown of Command space and then the win conditions are shown to all players.

The Frostmarch expansion is available now!
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