Highland Preview

Tread carefully, brave adventurers... The Eagle King stirs.

Do you have what it takes to brave the Highland? All sorts of perils await you in those daunting peaks.

The Highland adds a new Region to the game for heroes to explore. A new map board and over 100 new cards bring this mountainous realm vividly to life, while six brand-new characters offer fantastic new playing experiences. Climb as high as you dare, and lay claim to the unimaginable wealth that awaits atop the tallest peak in the world of Talisman!



An inventive, dedicated master of the arcane sciences who relentlessly pursues esoteric knowledge. The Alchemist can turn any of his objects into gold during his turn, and then use his gold to heal a life, replenish 1 fate or gain 1 spell.


A native of the mountains who uses his great strength to keep out trespassers and to ensure the freedom of his people from would-be conquerors.
At home on Hills spaces, the Highlander can draw an extra Adventure Card there if he wishes, and can add 2 to his Strength in battles by charging in ferociously! He can also choose not to roll the die on Crags and the Chasm.


A cunning and disreputable rascal who is more than willing to break a few rules if doing so will put some gold in her pockets.
When encountering the Tavern, Mystic or Enchantress, the Rogue has a sneaky way of getting a good result – she can roll 2 dice and choose which one to use!
When she encounters more than one enemy at the same time, she can roll 1 die and add that to her attack score, great for when she’s cornered!
Your gold isn’t safe with the Rogue in play – when she defeats a character in combat, and chooses to take gold, she takes ALL of your gold!


A benevolent but mischievous creature who, although small in stature, possesses amazing magical abilities to aid those who have lost their way. The delicate Sprite starts with 2 spells, and always has at least 2 spells, meaning she is a very powerful spell-caster! She can also evade creatures and characters in the Woods and Forest.


A noble spirit sent by the heavens to protect and reward those who attain glory through various deeds. A saviour of fallen Followers, the Valkyrie can resurrect them whenever they are killed and take them for herself. This is especially useful if the Reaper takes someone else’s Follower or it is killed by a Giant Beetle!
Despite being of good alignment, she can visit the Graveyard as though she is evil. This gives her a rare chance, for good characters, to replenish fate. She can also add 1 to her attack score during battle.


A powerful and seductive undead entity cursed with the need to prowl the night and, with the aid of her dark abilities, to drink the blood of the living.
The Vampiress has a hunger for Followers! She may take 1 Follower from a character that she lands on and then can drain the life force of those Followers to gain 1 life for each!
She can also heal up to her life value when she visits the Graveyard and can choose psychic combat when attacking other characters.

Highland Cards

This deck of 142 cards features new Events, Enemies, Strangers, Objects and Places. Similar to Adventure Cards, Highland Cards are encountered by characters exploring the Highland Region.


Amphiptere – this monstrous winged serpent can be spotted by unlucky adventurers in the skies above the Highland Region. Its lightning breath attack will cause great damage to any hero wearing Armour!

Skyfall Sentry – the Skyfall Sentry swoops menacingly above the hills and ridges of the Highland, dropping boulders on unwary adventurers.

Felclaw – this evil beast with its giant red claws will pounce on you when you least expect it, and will engage in psychic combat if your Craft is lower than your Strength.


Tumbling Boulder – tumbling down the slopes of the Highland, this giant boulder can takes lives off characters it rolls over and clear spaces of cards too! It might even keep rolling onto the main board!

Electrical Storm – unpredictable weather is a feature of the Highland Region and wearing metal Armour can be hazardous should an electrical storm occur!

Ambush – similar to the Summoning Circle space from the Dungeon expansion, the Ambush event moves the closest Enemy in the Region to your space and then you encounter it.


Guru – spells which have come and gone can be retrieved by the strange Guru. He allows characters to take a look through the Spell discard pile and take one from it, if their Craft allows, and then all Spells are shuffled together.

Spellweaver – characters encountering the mystical Spellweaver can draw 3 Spell Cards and choose one to keep, if their Craft allows.

Astrologer – the Astrologer can predict events occurring elsewhere in the world of Talisman, and allows the character to choose 1 from 3 Adventure Cards and then use it to place at the top of the deck at the start of any character’s turn.


Treasure Hunter – Especially helpful at finding Objects throughout the land, the Treasure Hunter will give you the chance to end your movement on spaces which contain Objects, rather than moving the full distance.

Wildlander – the Wildlander has a deep knowledge of the land, and can spot areas of interest you may be about to move away from. Use his knowledge to stay on the space you’re on instead of moving away and you can reap the benefit of cards such as the Magic Stream or Fountain of Wisdom.

Magpie – normal rules for Talisman are that enemies have to be dealt with before grabbing the objects they are guarding, but the Magpie can fly ahead and bring you those objects before the combat begins! Whilst it is your follower, objects on spaces are considered to have an encounter number of 1.

Objects & Magic Objects

Spellsword – if the Spellsword is your weapon of choice, victories can bring you some powerful spells!

Walking Stick – this trusty object can help tired adventurers move that extra space.

Lodestone – for the first time in Talisman: Digital Edition, the rules of Objects and carrying limits are slightly different in The Highland. The Lodestone is an extremely heavy object that counts as 2 for your carrying limit, rather than 1, and it cannot be ditched!


Eagle’s Nest – the many Eagles that fly high over the Highland Region often find valuable artefacts and drop them in their nests. The Eagle’s Nest can be found on the Mountain Pass space of the Highland Region and the first player to climb it will find a Talisman there.

Gong of War – a more powerful version of the Arena, this card will allow you to summon 1 character from any Region, including the Inner Region, to your space to fight!

Pool of Fortitude – this mysterious shimmering pool can make the weariest of heroes feel renewed and give them the strength to march onwards. Two lives and two Strength points are here, available to anyone who encounters the pool.


Trinkets are special Objects that appear in the Highland deck and are distinguished with a Trinket keyword above the card’s special ability.
Trinkets are treated in all respects like normal Objects, except they do not count towards a character’s carrying capacity. A character may have four normal Objects in addition to any number of Trinkets.
Trinkets may be ditched, discarded, stolen, or sold like normal Objects.


Syphon Craft – the Craft equivalent of Syphon Strength from the Frostmarch expansion, this spell allows you to drain a Craft point from another character and take it for yourself.

Soul Shatter – the extremely powerful Finger of Death now has a Craft equivalent.

Lightning Strike – a powerful blast of lightning hits a board space and renders any characters or creatures on it terrified and easily evaded until the end of the turn.

The Highland Region

Travel carefully across the Ridgeway! Stories tell of a group of Marauders in the area who will take all of your gold or attack you! Loose rocks are also a danger here, and rock slides are a constant danger.

Lost City

"Mystery has always enshrouded the Highland. The treacherous terrain and grim silence of the few native inhabitants make it difficult to know what is the truth and what is merely myth regarding those towering precipices. But one of the most persistent and fantastical rumours about these mountains surrounds a Lost City hidden within the crags.

Once a magnificent stone fortress housing a forgotten race, it now stands empty except for the cursed shadows and fiends that are said to dart in and out of its darkest corners. No sign remains of what became of the city’s founders. The walls stand as strong as ever, undiminished by the eons of time. But legends say some malevolent force lurks at the core of this forsaken city, perhaps even bearing responsibility for the sudden and unexplained exodus of the original citizens. Whatever the cause of the city’s abandonment, it is rumoured that a fantastic wealth of gold and enchanted objects was left behind within these walls.

Fortune hunters and glory seekers have sought the Lost City for centuries. Most disappear never to be heard from again. Some return after months of fruitlessly searching the mountains. But a very few return with souvenirs, bags of gold, or enchanted relics of incalculable value. They tell of stories of a crushing darkness, filling them with dread, and a dire warning to all who would seek the Lost City: enter at your peril."


After climbing to the very top of the Highland, brave adventurers are faced with a climactic fight with the dreaded Eagle King! Characters can choose to use Strength or Craft for this fight, and the Eagle King has 8 points in both. Should characters be powerful enough to overcome this foe, they can be rewarded with a mighty relic card!


Although the Eagle King is a formidable opponent, he is not invincible. If he is conquered, it is possible to claim one of his mighty relics as a prize, each a unique item that will grant tremendous benefit to its master.

This totemistic headpiece allows its master to summon powerful winds to carry him wheresoever he desires. A being with the ironclad will to claim this item will find once inaccessible locations suddenly easy to reach.

Dreadwing (Follower)
This enormous raptor serves its master with unparalleled speed and strength. Anyone with the power to claim this noble creature as a steed will that there is no wind that races faster than Dreadwing.

Rage Talon
The devastating weapon of the Eagle King is adorned with the razor-sharp claws of giant hunting birds. For those brave enough to acquire the Rage Talon, they will find that no defence can stand for long against it.

Windlord Amulet
This enchanted jewellery allows the wearer to enhance their psychic combat ability and prevent defeated opponents from using Armour to save their lives.

Alternative Endings

When choosing to play with the Alternate Ending rule, you can select to have the ending Hidden or Revealed.

Revealed endings are known from the start of the game by all players and can affect how the game is played. Hidden endings remain secret until the first time any player lands on the Crown of Command space and then the win conditions are shown to all players.

Eagle King
A character on the Crown of Command must choose whether to attack the Eagle King using Strength or Craft. The Eagle King has 12 Strength and 12 Craft, plus 4 lives. Each time the character defeats the Eagle King, he must remove one of the Eagle King’s lives and immediately attack him again. If a character has a stand-off or is defeated, his turn ends and he must immediately move to the Crags.

If a character removes the Eagle King’s last life, he wins the game!

Hand of Doom
A character on the Crown of Command must roll 1 die for the Hand of Doom during each of his turns:
1) All characters are killed, - all players lose the game.
2-3) Lose 1 life.
4-5) Choose one character; that character is killed. If all other characters are killed, you win the game!
6) All other characters are killed – you win the game!

As you can see, the Hand of Doom ending adds for the first time in Talisman: Digital Edition the chance for NO-ONE to win the game! Everyone loses and no-one gains the ‘Winner’ reward.

Battle Royale
When a character first enters the Crown of Command, all characters (except that character) that do not have a Talisman lose the game.

The remaining characters are all placed on the Crown of Command and must fight it out until only one remains!

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