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Nether Realm Interview with Designer Jon New

With the release of The Nether Realm expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition, we've thrown a few questions at the expansion's designer, Jon New, the mastermind behind the long-standing fansite.

What does The Nether Realm add to Talisman which makes it different from other expansions?

JN – Before I'd even floated the idea of the Nether Realm to FFG (Fantasy Flight Games), I was interested in the Print on Demand products that they had introduced for other properties and had been quietly mulling over how they could be used to bring more content to Talisman.

The printing process (and card stock) is different for PoD expansions, so it was clear that you wouldn't be able to make any “ordinary” Adventure cards, so the idea formed about a small deck of cards that could be used in a number of ways.

It's actually a good exercise in design as you are restricted by the number of cards you can have, and pieces of artwork that are to be commissioned, and you have to work out how best to use the resources available.

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The Nether Realm is a particularly brutal expansion, what made you decide to make it so difficult?

JN – Generally in a game of Talisman there will come a time when characters will be strong and crafty enough to defeat just about anything without much effort. The Nether deck not only ups the ante when it comes to powerful Enemies, but there are also some that can do serious damage to your character depending on other factors, such as which Region you are in or whether you are wearing Armour.

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Aerochanter and Goblin Baby

Talisman: Digital Edition players will be dying more often with this expansion, how does that make you feel?

JN - I feel very happy about that! It means that the expansion is working as intended! 🙂

What made you decide to revamp the Pandora’s Box ending from Talisman 2nd Edition?

JN - In 2nd Edition, Pandora's Box had you going through the Adventure and Spell decks and using those cards against other characters. Often this would result in attacking your opponents with a Bag of Gold, a Guide Follower or a Healing Spell.

Making all of the cards that you are using dangerous in some way certainly helps in that regard.

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Mist Giant, Mist Dragon and Nether Drake

The Hunt, The Gauntlet and Pandora’s Box are all very interesting endings, which one is your favourite?

JN – Though Pandora's Box is the one I am most happy with mechanically, I think the whole theme of running The Gauntlet and not knowing which cards you are going to come up against adds a certain excitement to the endgame.

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Nether Realm Alternate Endings

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