At the core of the gameplay in Talisman Prologue are the quests.

In the Talisman board game, your primary goal is to reach the Crown of Command at the centre of the board and then kill off all of the other players. Everything you do along the way is designed to help or hinder your progress, but the goal always remains the same. In Talisman Prologue, we’ve created a questing system using the same rules as the board game, but with one major difference – it’s ALWAYS your go! Your goals will change from quest to quest, creating a great fantasy story along the way.

For a board game which has such a great fantasy theme with classic fantasy elements including Dragons, Princesses, Spells and Wizards, it seems perfectly natural for us to emphasise the story-telling aspects of Talisman.

When you complete your quest successfully, you are awarded up to 3 Talisman tokens, based on the number of turns it took you to complete your goal.

Let’s look at a typical example of a quest…

Beware the Sun – In this quest, you play as the Troll and as we all know Trolls hate sunlight! You have 20 turns to find the Cave adventure card so you can seek shelter before the sun rises. In a normal game of Talisman, the Cave card could be anywhere in a deck of 104 cards, so the chances of finding the Cave in 20 turns is pretty slim! However, in Talisman Prologue we make slight adjustments to the deck so that we have a very small amount of control over where and when certain cards appear. In this particular quest, the Cave will ONLY appear when you are in the Middle Region, but even when you arrive there it is still fairly random when it will appear.

In a tense race against a turn clock which is always moving forward, you must find the quickest way to get to the Middle Region! There are several ways to cross to the Middle Region, and we’ll take a closer look at two of them here.

talisman sentinel
talisman tavern
After a couple of attempts, the strategy for this quest starts to become clear – the Troll starts with a Strength of 6, just 3 less than the Sentinel, so do you confront the Sentinel at a disadvantage? Or do you head for the Tavern and hope to roll a 6 to ferry across? Whatever you choose, you don’t have long to do it!

Missing Turns
Quests are scored based on how many turns you take to complete your goal – the fewer the better. So it pays to learn the pros and cons of every space on the board and figure out the best strategy to use to complete your quest.

Adventure cards and board spaces which result in you missing a turn still have a terrible effect on you in Talisman Prologue, even though other players are absent. In this Troll quest for example, you only have 20 turns to find the Cave, so every time you lose a turn you are two steps closer to failing!

The Warlock's Cave

talisman warlock's cave
In the Talisman Board game, completing a quest for the Warlock results in you obtaining a Talisman card. In Talisman Prologue, we've changed the prize you gain from the Warlock. Completing a quest for the Warlock results in 4 turns being taken off your current turn count, which can be the deciding factor in your quest score!

Draw Card Spaces

Working out your strategy for each quest is an important step when playing Talisman Prologue, and you’ll eventually realise the power of the board spaces which allow you to draw extra cards. In the Outer Region, where all quests start, one of the most useful spaces is the Ruins which allows you to draw 2 cards.

talisman ruins
Whether you’re looking for powerful weapons, monsters to kill to increase your stats or in desperate need of help from followers, the Ruins is a space you’ll want to aim for early on in the quest. Beware though, you’re just as likely to draw a card which will slow your progress on this space!

Another useful space when it comes to card drawing is the Hidden Valley in the Middle Region.

talisman hidden valley
You can draw 3 cards on this space when you first arrive, which can be incredibly useful… or extremely dangerous!

There are many varied quests in Talisman Prologue, and they all play differently each time.

To view a video of the Beware the Sun quest being played, check out our Media page.
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