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The Reaper Expansion

Quests, battles, glory, and death! Welcome back to the magical realm of Talisman® Digital Edition

The Reaper expansion for Talisman: The Magical Quest Game features new treasures, events, monsters, quests, and the dreaded Grim Reaper! This rulesheet explains how to use all of these cards to enhance your Talisman experience.

The Reaper Symbol

All of the cards in this expansion are marked with a skull symbol, so that you can differentiate them from the cards from the base game.


Adventure and Spell Cards

The new Adventure and Spell Cards work exactly like those in the base game, and include additional Events, Enemies, Strangers, Objects, Followers, and Places.

Character Cards

The new character cards work exactly like those in the base game, and offer players an even greater selection of heroes to play.

Warlock Quest Cards

Warlock Quest Cards represent missions characters may take on when they visit the Warlock’s Cave space.

In the base game, players who travel to the Warlock’s Cave space may roll a die to take on one of six available quests. Players are only allowed to take on one quest at a time, and must complete the quest’s objective as soon as possible.

The deck of Warlock Quest Cards not only includes the original six quests from the Warlock’s Cave space, but also six new quests, such as delivering a Spell or travelling to the City.

When playing with the Warlock Quest Cards, when a character lands on the Warlock’s Cave space, that player chooses freely one of the available Warlock Quest Cards from among those available in the Warlock Quest Card deck, instead of rolling a die to determine which quest he is assigned. Once he has chosen, he places the card faceup in his player area. Once the quest is complete, the card is removed from the game. Therefore, each Warlock Quest Card may only be completed once per game. If a character with a Warlock Quest Card is killed, return the card to the deck.

All other rules governing Warlock Quest Cards continue to apply when the Warlock Quest Cards are used: only one quest can be accepted at a time, quests must be completed as soon as possible, and so on.

Grim Reaper

Having Death himself prowling the realm of Talisman adds an extra element of tension and fun to the game, but it can cost characters dear! The Grim Reaper works in mysterious ways and has no favourites, so his terrifying presence may prove beneficial or deadly to those who meet him along their way.

The Grim Reaper is not a character. Rather, he plays his own game and all players may get a chance to interact with him, as described below.

Death does not move until a player rolls a “1” for his move. When this happens, the player must complete his turn as normal, but then must roll the die again and move the Grim Reaper according to the normal rules for moving a character, with the following exceptions:

Because it is difficult for both the Boatman and the Sentinel to refuse anything to the Reaper, he may freely cross the Storm River at the Sentinel, or from the Temple to the Tavern (or vice versa), at the cost of a single movement point for either.

The Grim Reaper will not cross the Portal of Power, as he is already present in the Inner Region.

Whenever the Grim Reaper lands on a space containing one or more characters at the end of his movement, the player who moved the Reaper must choose a character on that space for the Reaper to visit. The player who moved the Reaper must then point at the chosen character and say – as eerily as possible – “You!” The player controlling that character then rolls one die and consults the chart on the Grim Reaper card to determine what happens to his character.

Characters who themselves land on the Grim Reaper’s space do not encounter the Reaper, nor can the Reaper be affected by any Spell, Adventure Card, or special ability.