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Judgement Day is coming...

Drawn by powers as old as time itself, the spirits of light and the forces of darkness are gathering their strength. A line has been drawn between the heavens and the abyss. War is coming!

The Sacred Pool expansion for Talisman: Digital Edition adds 4 characters, 72 Adventure Cards, 16 Spell Cards, 24 Quest Reward Cards, 12 Stables Cards and 3 Alternative Ending Cards. Read on to find out more about these fantastic new additions to Talisman: Digital Edition.


Chivalric Knight
A noble and headstrong protector of the meek who lives by a strict code of ethics, rushing to aid those in need and never harming those weaker than himself.

A pious follower of righteousness who is willing to take up arms to defend the innocent and strike down the wicked.

Dread Knight
A fierce and malevolent creature that harnesses dark magics to enhance his already formidable martial skills.

An insidious master of manipulation who uses his arcane arts to subjugate the will of others to his own diabolical schemes.

Quest Reward Cards

The biggest new addition to Sacred Pool is the Quest Reward card deck. In the base game, characters who complete a Warlock Quest immediately teleport to the Warlock’s Cave and gain a Talisman. When playing with the Sacred Pool expansion, characters may draw a Quest Reward card instead of gaining a Talisman. Characters will still teleport to the Warlock’s Cave when they complete a quest, even if they choose to take a Quest Reward instead of a Talisman.

Some Quest Reward cards gives characters an instant bonus and are then discarded, whilst others can be kept until the character chooses to use the its bonus.

Adventure Cards

Sacred Pool adds lots of new Adventure Cards, many of which deal with character alignment.


Heavenly Host – with a Craft of 10, this powerful enemy will strike fear into the hearts of characters of evil or neutral alignment. Good characters may evade it if they wish.

Infernal Legion – evil characters also have a powerful enemy that they can automatically evade. The Infernal Legion has a Strength of 10 and cannot be evade by good characters.

Ivory Sentinel – this wandering Sentinel will stop any evil or neutral characters from traveling past it, making them stop on the space it is on to fight them.

Avatar of Justice – finally, neutral characters have their version of the Angel and Mephistopheles from the base game. The Avatar of Justice gives 1 Strength if encountered by a neutral character and converts good or evil characters to neutral.

Fallen Angel – those unlucky enough to encounter a Fallen Angel must lose all of their fate, but those without fate will lose 2 lives instead!

Discordant Dirge – enemies which have been and gone will return when the Discordant Dirge event occurs. The later in the game this card is drawn, the more enemies will be placed on top of the deck!

Madcap – this crazy stranger will potentially change your alignment at the roll of the die! If the result is your current alignment then you get to take another turn.

Ritual Master – good and neutral characters encountering the Ritual Master must suffer his practises and lose 1 life, placing it on the card. The first evil character to encounter him gains all of the lives on the card.

Lawbringer – the neutral version of the Phantom and Fairy from the base game, the Lawbringer offers neutral characters a wish of their choice.

Dark Theurgist – this menacing follower will join neutral and evil characters and will grant them a gift from the forces of darkness should they defeat an enemy or a good character. The gift includes healing 1 life, which evil characters find harder to do than neutral and good characters.

Theurgist of Light – opposed to the Dark Theurgist is the Theurgist of Light, who grants blessings from the spirits of light, should you defeat an enemy or an evil character. This blessing could be 1 fate point, which good characters find harder to replenish than neutral and evil characters.

Mendicant – if you pay 1 gold to take the Mendicant as your follower, he can influence the result of your pray score, for a price!

Objects and Magic Objects
Wrathborn Wand – this powerful wand adds 1 to your Craft during psychic combat. Plus, if your attack roll is lower than your starting Craft, you may roll 1 die and add the result to your attack score.

Shield of Defiance – if you have the Shield of Defiance and you are attacked by another character, your Strength and Craft will be considered to be the same as theirs, if it was lower to begin with. Stronger characters should carefully consider whether or not to attack a character with this shield!

Sword of Truth – if you can handle the Sword of Truth, it will add 1 to your Strength during battle, but will also allow you to change your attack roll to a 6 if it was lower than your opponent’s.

Necropolis – the eerie Necropolis can turn any ‘draw card’ space into a Graveyard. Very useful for evil characters!

Reliquary – the Reliquary has 4 Quest Reward cards on it and you can take one if you discard a Talisman. This is more useful if you gain a Talisman early and want to risk discarding it and finding another one later, or if you have more than one.

Livery Stable – Sacred Pool adds a new deck to the game, the Stables deck. The Livery Stable card allows you to purchase any number of Stables deck cards if you can afford them. Characters can choose from – Mule, Horse and Cart, Riding Horse and Warhorse.

Misfortune – if the random dice rolls are already against you, let others know how that feels with the Misfortune spell! Guaranteed to make your unfortunate target roll a 1 result. Combine this with the Random or Vindication spells (see below) for extra mirth.

Vindication – a character can be stopped dead in his tracks when the Vindication spell is cast on him. Something very unpleasant will happen to you if you are the target of this spell, unless you roll 4 – 6.

Cheat Fate – cast on a character to take all of their fate and add it to yours!

Alternative Endings
The Sacred Pool comes with three Alternative Endings – two standard endings and one revealed ending.

Demon Lord – A character on the Crown of Command must attack the Demon Lord with Craft. Each time he defeats the Demon Lord he must remove one of the Demon Lord’s lives and immediately attack him again. If a character is defeated or has a stand-off, his turn ends and he must attack the Demon Lord at the start of his next turn. If a character removes the Demon Lord’s last life, he wins the game!
The Demon Lord has a Craft of 12 and 4 lives.

Judgement Day – This ending allows characters to have a say in who wins the game! The first character to land on the Crown of Command when this ending is in play will be judged by all characters!

Sacred Pool – this ending works in a similar way to the Warlock Quests ending from The Frostmarch. At the start of a character’s turn, they may accept a Warlock Quest if they do not already have one. By completing quests, characters can gain Quest Rewards and the first character to reach the Crown of Command with four or more Quest Rewards wins!

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