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What is STEAM?

Steam is a store for PC/Mac games, much the same as iTunes is the store for Apple apps.

It offers more than 6,400 (as of Sept 2015) games to choose from, with cross-platform multiplayer functionality meaning you can pit your wits against your friends regardless of whether they’re using a Windows, Mac or Linux machine.

Steam is a digital distribution platform for PC & Mac games owned and operated by the Valve Corporation. It has 124 million active users and 10 million players online at any one time, and is estimated to account for 75 per cent of the downloadable PC game market.

How does it work?

Steam allows users to browse, buy and download games, in addition to facilitating multiplayer matchmaking, in-game chat and automatic game updates.

You can download and install the latest version of the Steam application to your machine at
It is available for Windows, Linux and OS X computers. The download and set up process takes about five minutes, during which you will set up your very own Steam account.

Once the installation is complete you’ll be able to browse the store, purchase steam keys to down load games and interact with fellow members of the Steam community.

Steam Keys

You don’t have to buy your Steam Keys from Steam, and in some cases if you buy them elsewhere they will be cheaper. Here at Nomad Games we offer a minimum 10% off our games than the price you pay on Steam.

However you still have to redeem your Steam keys through Steam in order to download your game.

To redeem your steam key visit (you'll need to create an account if you haven't got one already)

To activate your key, do the following -
1) Run the Steam client.
2) Select 'Games' from the menu at the very top.
3) Select 'Activate a Product on Steam...'
4) Click Next.
5) Click 'I Agree'.
6) Enter your code in the box.