Strategy Guide Pt.5 - Monk

The Monk has caused much discussion down the years amongst Talisman players. Is he really too powerful? Maybe, maybe not, but he certainly faces tough challenges in this series of quests.

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You will encounter several battles in this quest and you can see this ability in action, but your main goal is to find the Cross Adventure Card.

This is a simple fetch-and-deliver quest. You need to travel around the board, drawing as many Adventure Cards as you can, until you find the Cross card. When you do, take it to the Chapel and then ditch it there to complete the quest. The ditch button appears whenever you select an Object you’re carrying and is shown as a down arrow near the Spell deck button.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 20 turns
2 Talismans - 21 to 25 turns
1 Talisman - 26+ turns

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The Mercenary follower is unique, in that if you pay him to travel with you, he will aid you in battle and give you a bonus of 3 Strength. Travel around the board and concentrate on draw card spaces. You need to dig deep into the Adventure Card deck to find the Mercenary.

Try to get to the Middle Region if you have the opportunity to do so, as this gives you access to the Hidden Valley, a 'draw 3 cards' space and the Oasis, which lets you draw 2 cards but is also where your gold will end up should you be unlucky enough to be targeted by the Raiders.

On your travels, make sure you keep at least 2 gold with you so that when you do find the Mercenary, you can afford to take him with you for 1G and then use him for another 1G. If you get into combat and have any stand-offs or losses, leave the enemy card on the space so you can return to it when you have the Mercenary with you.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 25 turns
2 Talismans - 26 to 35 turns
1 Talisman - 36+ turns

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Losing fate points is easy; simply re-roll the die every time you can, whether the roll is for movement, a board encounter or during combat.

Once you have lost all of your fate, you need to look for ways to replenish it. The quickest way by far, is to try and become Evil at the Village by rolling a 1 at the Mystic and then visiting the Graveyard and choosing 'Replenish Fate'. This will win the quest for you very quickly, as long as you can switch to Evil early enough.

Rolling a 6 when encountering the Witch will also replenish all of your fate points, but she may not appear until later on in the quest so she should not be relied upon.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 20 turns
2 Talismans - 21 to 25 turns
1 Talisman - 26+ turns

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Don't worry about this as you need to travel to the Middle Region anyway, so getting there should also be your goal. Once you have 5 gold, you must then travel to the Temple space and roll higher than 5 to win the quest.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 22 turns
2 Talismans - 23 to 32 turns
1 Talisman - 33+ turns

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There are many parts to this quest, and for the first part you must encounter the Black Knight. Travel to the Middle Region as quickly as you can. If you manage to get the Invisibility Spell then sneaking past the Sentinel is the best option, otherwise the ferry from the Tavern or building a Raft are good alternatives. When you get there, try to land on the Black Knight space and try to have at least 1 gold to give to the Black Knight.

Once you've done that, you must then find the Enchanter. The Enchanter is an Adventure Card so try to land on as many 'draw card' spaces as you can. Because you are already in the Middle Region, use the Oasis and Hidden Valley spaces as much as you can.

After finding the Enchanter, you must then find the Cave Adventure Card. Again, land on as many 'draw card' spaces as you can and the Cave will appear shortly.

Clues in the Cave point to a nearby Chasm so travel to the Chasm and hopefully you will survive it's crossing. The last part of the quest sees you heading to the Castle, also in the Middle Region. Go there and your quest will end. The mysterious Grail eludes you!

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 42 turns
2 Talismans - 43 to 57 turns
1 Talisman - 58+ turns

Check back soon for the next part of this guide.

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