Strategy Guide Pt.2 - Troll

Using the first part of the Strategy Guide you've hopefully got 3 Talismans for all of the Warrior quests now.

This time I’ll be lifting the lid on the Troll’s quests, as we help him avoid the dreaded sunlight and settle down into his new Cave home.

In order to use this ability, you must first lose a life. This will happen the first time you draw an Adventure Card, so for your first turn try to move in the direction of the Sentinel and land on a 'draw card' space.
After losing a life, keep rolling to move around the board but pay attention to your roll. As soon as you roll a 6, you can then use the Troll's healing ability. Use the Special Ability button which appears near the top-right of the screen to use the ability. Once healed, the next part of this quest is to beat the Sentinel, but you don't have many turns to do it if you're going for the maximum score. Head to the Sentinel and try to get past him, battling him as many times as it takes to beat him. Once beaten, you've won the quest!

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 10 turns
2 Talismans - 11 to 15 turns
1 Talisman - 16+ turns

You should now be familiar with the various ways to cross into the Middle Region. The Troll only has one Fate point, so the quickest and easiest route across the River – using the Tavern ferry – is not a good option unless you’re lucky enough to roll a 6 there on your first attempt.

The other two options are defeating the Sentinel and building a Raft using an Axe. An Axe will appear early on in this quest, but the few turns it could take to find it and then go to the Woods or Forest to create a Raft could be spent battling the Sentinel instead, so that's the recommended route for this quest. Once you've beaten the Sentinel, you need to land on as many 'draw card' spaces in the Middle Region as you can.
You're looking for the Cave Adventure Card and so you need to draw as many cards as possible to lure it out. The Hidden Valley and Oasis are good spaces for this so always aim for those. Avoid the Desert spaces as you move around, unless you have a Water Bottle.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 14 turns
2 Talismans - 15 to 17 turns
1 Talisman - 18 - 20 turns

It's a fairly straight forward quest and you should concentrate on drawing Adventure Cards as often as possible by landing on 'draw card' spaces. It shouldn't take too long to find the Ring, so you should stay in the Outer Region to make it easier to visit the four corners once you have it. If you come across the Imp or if you use the Magic Portal and find yourself in the Middle Region, make your way back out as quickly as you can.
When you find the Ring, pick it up and then travel to the Village, City, Tavern and Chapel spaces. If you are of Evil alignment then leave the Chapel space until last as you will lose a life when you get there.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 27 turns
2 Talismans - 28 to 35 turns
1 Talisman - 36+ turns

The Clairvoyant is somewhere within the Adventure Deck in this quest, but she may not make an appearance so don't rely on her.
Once in the Middle Region, head to the Runes space where the Cave is and in order to win this quest you must roll a 1 or 2 on the Cave card to battle the Dragon or the Goblin, so use your saved Fate point if necessary. Warning - the Runes space adds 2 to creature attack rolls, so the Dragon and Goblin will be slightly tougher than normal. Be aware of this before you go into battle.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 30 turns
2 Talismans - 31 to 40 turns
1 Talisman - 41+ turns

For this quest, you must heal back to 6 lives as quickly as you can. There are many cards and board spaces that can help with this so play this quest slowly and think carefully about each move. Keep watch for any 6's rolled for movement as this will heal you 1 life if you use the Special Ability button. If you gather up enough gold, the Village and City spaces both have valuable healing options. If you have lots of gold then head for the Village because the Healer there will heal you 'up to' your life value (6) whereas if you only have 1 or 2 gold then head for the City as the Doctor can heal 2 lives per gold.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 13 turns
2 Talismans - 14 to 20 turns
1 Talisman - 21+ turns

The next entry of this strategy guide will be available early next year.

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