Strategy Guide Pt.3 - Druid

We’re now up to the third character in our strategy guide and hopefully by now you’ll have three Talisman tokens on all of the Warrior and Troll quests.

Let’s take a look at the Druid, as we help him cleanse the Forest and help the local villagers.

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There are many board spaces and Adventure Cards in Talisman which are related to your alignment. The Druid can change his alignment once per turn to benefit from these cards and spaces. This quest teaches you how to do this and so you must visit the Chapel and Graveyard spaces in the Outer Region. The Chapel space rewards players of Good alignment, whilst the Graveyard rewards player of Evil alignment. If you visit these spaces whilst you are of the opposing alignment then you will lose a life.

To complete this quest, you must not lose a life at either of these spaces. The Druid starts at the Forest space in the Outer Region and so a starting movement roll of 4 would get you straight to the Graveyard. If you do roll a 4, make sure you change your alignment to Evil before travelling to the Graveyard. Use Fate if needed to roll the 4. You will arrive at the Graveyard and have the choice to pray or replenish your fate. If you've used fate to get here, then choose the replenish option, otherwise if your fate is 4 then choose to pray.
Next, you must move on to the Chapel.

Change your alignment to Good so you don't forget, and try to roll another 4 to go straight there. After you've visited the Chapel whilst Good, the next thing to do is aim to get to any of the Woods board spaces. The Druid gains his full complement of Spells when he lands on the Woods spaces, so these are extremely valuable whilst using this character. There are Woods 3 and 4 spaces away from the Chapel so there is a good chance that you will roll either of those in 2 movement rolls. When you land there, the quest is won.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 6 turns
2 Talismans - 7 to 10 turns
1 Talisman - 11+ turns

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Talisman is very much a game of luck and this quest requires a lot of luck, but some element of strategy will help greatly. Your goal is to travel to the Forest space (where you start) and beat the Brigand there twice. Doing this requires you to land on the Forest space, and then roll a 1 to encounter the Brigand and then defeat him, twice.

A useful strategy in this quest is to stay Evil. You can benefit from this by travelling to the Graveyard as often as possible and replenishing your fate. This means that you don't have to be as careful as usual with your fate points as you can regularly top them up. If you often land on 'draw card' spaces then you will discover the Clairvoyant card fairly early in this quest who will help with fate re-rolls, and the Phantom will appear early too, so make sure you select 'Teleport to any space in this region' when you find it and go to the Forest.

The Teleport Spell will also help with this and you can increase your chance of gaining this Spell by visiting Woods spaces often, where you will gain your full complement of Spells. If you draw a Psionic Blast Spell, save it for the battle against the Brigand.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 30 turns
2 Talismans - 31 to 37 turns
1 Talisman - 38+ turns

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The Druid helps nearby villagers with a special potion to help them repel invading armies. To brew this potion, he must gather the necessary ingredients from various places and then start the brewing process. Head for the Fields spaces first and draw a few Adventure Cards.

If you head to the City too early, without having found any Objects or losing any lives, then you must visit the Enchantress who may turn you into a toad! If you have Objects or have lost lives, then you can visit the Alchemist or the Doctor instead for a safer trip to the City.

After you've visited the Fields and City spaces, continue to move around the board and try to land on as many 'draw card(s)' spaces as possible. Eventually you will find the Cave Adventure Card. Your result on the Cave card doesn't matter, so move on towards the Middle Region once you've finished encountering it. Use strategies learned in previous quests to get to the Middle Region as quickly as you can. There are Invisibility Spells available in this quest so if you have one, you can sneak past the Sentinel by casting it and evading him. Once in the Middle Region, head to the Woods space there to complete the quest.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 25 turns
2 Talismans - 26 to 33 turns
1 Talisman - 34+ turns

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If you don't mind restarting this quest a few times, keep starting until you begin with an Invisibility Spell. When you've done this, head for the Sentinel and use the Invisibility Spell to evade him. An alternative to this is to start with the Acquisition Spell and cast it to gain a Raft, and then use the Raft straight away to move across the river. Once in the Middle Region, head for the Woods there and pick up the Potion of Strength. When you have it, make your way back out of the Middle Region and take the potion to the Village space.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 20 turns
2 Talismans - 21 to 27 turns
1 Talisman - 28+ turns

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You must put your spell casting skills to the test in this quest - you must draw the Destruction Spell to remove the Witch from the board.

The Destruction Spell is a powerful Spell which lets you select any face up card on the board and remove it. As this quest starts with the Witch already face up, you must cast it on her to win. There's no chance of you starting this quest with the Destruction Spell though, so you will have to work your way through the Spell deck in order to find it.

Try to use each Spell as quickly as you can so that you can then visit the Woods spaces to gain new Spells. Acquisition can be cast at the start of your turn and allows you to grab a free Object. Alchemy can only be used when you have an Object, so make sure you pick up every Object you find. Healing can only be cast when you have lost lives, so you might want to purposely do so for when you draw this Spell. Invisibility can be cast as required. Teleport must be cast before you roll your die for movement. Psionic Blast must be cast before a battle so go looking for fights!

Eventually you will draw the Destruction Spell, so cast it on the Witch to win the quest.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 17 turns
2 Talismans - 18 to 22 turns
1 Talisman - 23+ turns

Check back soon for the next part of this guide.

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