Strategy Guide Pt.4 - Wizard

We’re now up to the fourth character of this strategy guide, the Wizard. His quests see him trying to become the most powerful being in the land through his use of Spells and mind power.

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The Wizard is a powerful character who can always have at least one Spell and starts with two Spells. It's important to know how and when you can cast all of the different Spells, and this quest teaches you how.

You must cast five different Spells and so you must check the conditions for each one on the Spell card before you cast them. Check the 'Spell Conditions' table below to see when each Spell can be cast and try to create these situations. See the 'Spell Limits' table to see the maximum number of Spells allowed by Craft points.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 8 turns
2 Talismans - 9 to 13 turns
1 Talisman - 14+ turns

Spell Conditions Table

SpellCondition Required for Casting
AcquisitionThis can be cast whenever you are at the start of a turn, before you move.
AlchemyCast at the start of your turn, before you move.
DestructionCast at the start of your turn, or when you have just completed your move.
DivinationCast at the start of your turn, before you move.
HealingCast as required.
InvisibilityThis can be cast at any time and lasts for a whole turn.
MesmerismThis can be cast at the start of your turn, before you move, whenever there is a face-up Follower on the board.
PreservationThis can be cast as required, on yourself or a Follower.
Psionic BlastThis can be cast when you are about to engage in Battle (Strength fight).
TeleportThis can be cast at the start of your turn, before you roll the die for movement.
Temporal WarpThis can be cast at the start of your turn, before you move.

Remember that per turn, you can only cast the number of Spells you started the turn with.

Spell Limits Table

CraftMaximum number of Spells Allowed

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When you find this Adventure Card, try to land on it as much as you can to grab all four points.

Other ways to gain Craft points are:

Board Spaces
City Enchantress - Roll a 4
Village Mystic - Roll a 5
Forest - Roll a 6
Temple - Roll 7

Adventure Cards
Fairy (if you are Good)
Holy Grail (if you aren't Evil)
Maiden Follower
Mephistopheles (if you are Evil)
Phantom (if you are Evil)
Solomon's Crown

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 23 turns
2 Talismans - 24 to 35 turns
1 Talisman - 36+ turns

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The Destruction Spell won't be available at the start of the quest, so you must use the knowledge you've already gained about Spell casting and work your way through the Spell deck as quickly as you can. See the Spell Conditions table to see how best to get through the Spells deck.

Once you've drawn the Destruction Spell, cast it on the Mage to win the quest.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 15 turns
2 Talismans - 16 to 24 turns
1 Talisman - 25+ turns

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Check the Spell Conditions table for each Spell you draw and use the following guidelines...

• When you find Objects, keep at least one for using the Alchemy Spell, but if you already have one then consider leaving one on a space so you can cast Destruction on it.

• To cast Healing, you must have less than your starting lives. This is indicated by the number of lives being shown in red. If you need to lose a life quickly, head to the Sentinel where you are likely to lose the battle.

• The Sentinel is also useful for casting Psionic Blast and Invisibility on.

• If you find followers, do not pick them up so that you can cast Mesmerism on them later.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 17 turns
2 Talismans - 18 to 25 turns
1 Talisman - 26+ turns

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If you manage to draw the Psionic Blast Spell at any point during your quest, keep hold of it for the confrontation with the Dragon. Travel around the board and build up your stats until you think you're ready to go through the Portal of Power.

An Invisibility Spell will help you get past the Sentinel if you can't travel to the Middle Region any other way.

Increase your Craft whenever you can, and use the Craft option when opening the Portal of Power. The Gnome, who makes opening the Portal easier, isn't available in this quest so don't go searching for him.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 35 turns
2 Talismans - 36 to 50 turns
1 Talisman - 51+ turns

Check back soon for the next part of this guide.

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