Strategy Guide Pt.1 - Warrior

Now that Talisman Prologue is available, I'm sure lots of you have been working your way through the quests and trying to get
three out of three on all of them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be delving deep into the best strategies for all of the quests
and uncovering some secrets along the way!

This first guide is all about the Warrior’s quests, so prepare for battle and let’s go!

There are three Weapon cards in the Adventure Deck in this quest, so you may not want to rely on finding one simply by drawing cards.
You should also try to collect enough gold to allow Weapons to be purchased from the Blacksmith in the Village.
Swords are 2 gold each, so you can purchase two Swords with one visit to the Blacksmith by saving up 4 gold before you go there.

If you don’t draw bags of gold from the Adventure Deck, but you do find Objects,
you will be able to trade these for gold by visiting the Alchemist in the City.
Getting around the board may be assisted by throwing a 5 in The Tavern, which will allow you to Teleport to any space in the Outer Region.
If ever you roll for movement and have the Ruins in the Outer Region as an option, then you should move there for its 2-card drawing ability.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 15 turns
2 Talismans - 16 to 30 turns
1 Talisman - 31+ turns

The aim of this quest is to learn how to travel to the Middle Region. To cross to the Middle Region, there are three main routes.
One is past the Sentinel, but be aware of his strength (9). You must be sure of being able to defeat him on strength alone
before taking on the challenge. Alternatively, head for the Tavern and try to throw a 6. If you succeed, you will be able to travel
to the Temple in the Middle Region. The third most common way to cross the River is to purchase an Axe for 3G or draw one from the deck,
then go to the woods or forest and use the Axe to build a Raft. Once you have the Raft you must use it immediately to cross the River.

When you reach the Bandits in the Hidden Valley, there are three of them. Their combined strength is 12, so be sure you are strong enough
to fight them all at once. Alternatively, bribe one or two of the Bandits for 1G each, and defeat the remainder. You will need to go away
and return to defeat the remaining Bandits. It is a question of balancing your wealth and strength.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 25 turns
2 Talismans - 26 to 40 turns
1 Talisman - 41+ turns

There is a tough goal early in this quest - beat two Ogres with a combined strength of 10!
Build up your strength as quickly as possible to help with this challenge. You cannot pick up the Princess until they are dead.
Two Adventure Cards will appear quite early on to help with this: the Clairvoyant and the Magic Stream. The Clairvoyant will enable you to have
at least one Fate point at all times and the Magic Stream will give you up to four strength points.

Once you have beaten the Ogres, take the Princess and be careful not to lose her! If your alignment is evil, you will have to take the Princess
to either of the Desert spaces, but if you are Good or Neutral then you must deliver her to the Castle.
Both the Castle and Desert are in the Middle Region, but the Desert has two spaces so you are twice as likely to land there.
Try to become Evil by visiting the Mystic in the Village.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 35 turns
2 Talismans - 36 to 45 turns
1 Talisman - 46+ turns

There are two Adventure Cards that will help greatly in this quest - the Holy Lance and the Clairvoyant.
Both should appear somewhere between 10 and 30 drawn cards, so try to draw as many cards as possible.
Pay attention to squares that let you draw more than one card at a time!

When the Dragons appear, two of them will land in the Middle Region and the others will land at random. If you are already in the Middle Region
around the 12th turn, then it is best to stay there until the Dragons appear. Each time you kill a Dragon, remember to trade-in the Trophy
for a strength point, which will then improve your chances of killing subsequent Dragons.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 40 turns
2 Talismans - 41 to 50 turns
1 Talisman - 51+ turns

Travel around the board and aim for the lowest strength enemies first and work your way up to the likes of Giants and Dragons.
The Clairvoyant will make an appearance later on in the quest and she will become more and more useful as the number of enemies becomes smaller. Preserving your life is as important as building your strength! Keep hold of the Runesword if you find it,
as it will give you a life each time you kill an enemy using it.

Scoring :-

3 Talismans - 1 to 50 turns
2 Talismans - 51 to 60 turns
1 Talisman - 61+ turns

The next entry of this strategy guide will focus on the Troll character.

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