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Talisman DE - Dev Update

Talisman Digital Edition - Development Update Blog #1

In this blog we'll take a look at how the development of Talisman DE is coming along, including revealing some new features and taking a look at how some old enemies have had a bit of a modern makeover!

Play Area
One of the new features of Talisman DE is the addition of the 'Play Area' at the bottom of the main gameplay screen.

Whenever you have cards which can be used, they appear in a Play Area and you can double-tap/click them to use them. This means that you don’t have to go delving into your inventory to find a spell or object, which is especially useful if there is a small window of opportunity to use it.

In this screenshot, the Wizard has two Healing spells and an Axe. He’s on the Woods space at the bottom and is at the start of his turn. The Healing spells have appeared in the Play Area because other characters have lost lives and so they can be cast, and the Axe has appeared because he’s on the Woods space and is at the start of his turn. The player can double-tap any of these three card buttons to use them and so can heal someone or build a raft really quickly and easily! The raft would then also appear in this Play Area so the player can use it to cross the river.

This helps newcomers to Talisman understand the timings of some of the actions they can perform and even for experienced players it’s a great feature which can quickly allow you to cast spells or use items during other players’ turns. In Talisman Prologue we would glow cards blue when they could be used, but we feel that this new Play Area feature is a big improvement over that system.

New Artwork

Some of the artwork from the 4th edition of the board game has been revisited and received a new lick of paint for this digital version. Here are some ‘before and after’ images of the new cards.

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

The rampaging Ape is a menacing sight, smashing through rocks and branches to get at you!

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

Now slithering through an unfortunate adventurers skull, the new Serpent is sure to bring fear to even the bravest of heroes.

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

Getting past this beast of an Ogre will be tough!

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

With razor sharp teeth and powerful claws, this dangerous lion is ready to pounce on any wandering adventurers.

Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

Carrying trophies from past victories, the Hobgoblin is a vicious menace who wants to add you to his collection!

Cursed by a Hag
Artist: Markella Stavropoulou

The new Hag uses her crystal ball to curse your followers and send them off to the discard pile!

New Release Date

All of this extra work requires more development time than we originally anticipated. When we first stated a Summer 2013 release date back in December, we hadn't embarked on the development of Talisman Prologue HD yet and that has taken more time to complete than we expected. Like yourselves, we want Talisman DE to be the best game it can possibly be and so we need more time to get it right. We’re currently looking at a release date of November 2013. All PC pre-orders will still be honoured at that time, but you’re now getting a much better game for your money!

In the next development blog we’ll be looking at some other big new features we’re working on, including –

  • Inventory Quick-Views
  • Achievements
  • Goals/Unlocks
  • Player Profile and Stats

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