Talisman & Halloween

This Halloween, treat yourself to a fantastic world of monster adventures and epic twists of fate, as you take your imagination to the realms of Talisman Prologue and travel around the original fantasy board game, which is coming soon to PC and mobile devices, available to PRE-ORDER now!

Become master of your own destiny in this single player game, with the roll of a dice and the turn of the Adventure Cards, which give you the chance to cast spells, fight terrifying demons, build up your strength, and search for magical objects and weapons. Fight such well known Talisman evils as, Lemure, who will pounce on you from the shadows,  the Phantom, who grants evil-doers their darkest wishes, the Demon, and Mephistopheles himself, who will do his utmost to convert you to the dark side! Use your strength when the Werewolf attacks and avoid being turned into a warty toad at the hands of the Witch!

Each quest will take you on a fantastic adventure with your chosen character, who can either be good, evil or neutral. Choose from classic Talisman characters, which include the Troll (strongest of all), the Wizard (great with spells), Druid, Prophetess, Elf, Dwarf and Assassin, among others, who will help you on your quest around the exciting Talisman board that brings your adventure to life.

Use each character’s own strengths and special abilities to overcome a series of challenges. The roll of the dice will send you up against such obstacles such as The Sentinel, who is a powerful guard doing his best to prevent your journey to the inner realms of the board and your path to victory, or you may stumble into the Graveyard which could take your life or even allow you to gain evil powers! Try as hard as you can not to get lost in the confusion of the Crypts or caught out in the Cursed Glade which will strip you of your precious bonuses!

Make your way around the board and face all of Talisman's challenges, as the game opens up a new world of questing. Roll the dice, take a card, and try not to get tricked by the evil ones, and Talisman Prologue will become your perfect epic adventure!
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