Talisman Prologue - Introduction

Talisman Prologue is a forthcoming PC and mobile game based on the Talisman board game, created by Games Workshop.

This is the first in a series of articles which take an in-depth look at Talisman Prologue and give you a great insight into the design and development of the game. Future articles will take a closer look at the characters, spells, rules and the board itself.

The Basics
In Talisman Prologue, you play the role of a heroic adventurer on a series of dangerous quests throughout the land.

Each of the ten characters has their own strengths, weaknesses and special abilities, for instance – the Priest can destroy evil Spirits with ease and the Assassin can strike from the dark before enemies have a chance to react!

As you progress, you will build up your character’s strength, mental power and wealth which will help you complete your quests. To aid you in your quest are magical items and valuable allies who can help turn the tide of battle. These can be collected as you travel around the board.

Talisman Prologue characters

The Board

The Talisman board is split into three regions – the Outer Region, where you will start your quests, the Middle Region, where the challenge becomes greater, and the Inner Region where only the most powerful of characters dare enter.

As you travel around the board, your adventures unfold at the turn of a card or the roll of the dice. Will you encounter an evil Demon? Or maybe find a Potion of Strength? You might even get drunk in a tavern and fight a farmer!

The board will eventually fill up with encounters which can help or hinder your progress at which point the game becomes even more challenging and tactical.

Due to the random nature of the card drawing and dice rolling, you will never have the same adventure twice! Stories are created as you complete your quests which are different every time.

Talisman Prologue board image
The Quests

The biggest new feature to Talisman in Talisman Prologue is the introduction of quests.  Each character will go on a series of quests which include rescuing damsels in distress, searching the land for artefacts and battling endless hordes of monsters!

Quests take a dramatic series of twists and turns as you battle against the odds to complete your goals.

We’ll be revealing more information about the game over the coming weeks so check back regularly for more!

Talisman Prologue Quest List

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