Talisman on PS4 and PS Vita

The classic adventure board game comes to PlayStation 4 and Vita

Nomad Games is proud to present the PlayStation version of Talisman: Digital Edition! This fantasy adventure board game sees up to six players taking on the role of an adventurer whose aim is to race to the Crown of Command at the centre of the board. Players will need strength, courage and some good dice rolls to fight off monsters and survive the dangerous land. There are many hidden objects, gold and allies that can be found to help opponents complete the quest across the ever changing kingdom.

The Talisman board game was originally launched in 1983 by Games Workshop and has gone from strength to strength ever since, going through several edition updates and having lots of expansions added to it.

The Chivalric Knight meets his match

Each adventurer’s journey, and in-fact each game, will be completely different as the whole game can change on the turn of a card or the roll of a dice. Hundreds of adventure cards are drawn throughout the game and these make up the story of your character’s adventure. Dangerous encounters lurk within the adventure deck, such as Dragons, Giants, Demons and old Hags, but an adventurer may be lucky enough to find a helpful Pixie, a powerful Axe or a mystical shortcut to the finish line.

Each character has several special abilities and there are 58 characters to choose from. Whether you want to power through enemies with the incredibly strong Troll, cast mesmerising spells with the Wizard or sneak around stealing everyone else’s best items as the Thief, you’re sure to find a character which fits your play style.

As the game progresses, characters will increase in Strength and Craft (mind-power) and will collect valuable cards such as Magical Objects, Followers and powerful weapons which will help them head to the Crown of Command to win the game. It’s every adventurer for themselves!

The digital version is a faithful recreation of the 4th Revised Edition of Talisman so experienced players will find all of their favourite characters here and newcomers to Talisman can play through an interactive tutorial which explains all of the rules.

The game features online and offline modes for up to six players. Local multiplayer lets all players gather around the TV and pass the pad to experience the game together and online mode sees up to 6 players face off from around the globe. If playing against other people isn’t for you then offline mode can be played against AI players. In offline mode any of the players can be human or AI.

The land of Talisman

Included in the PlayStation version of Talisman: Digital Edition are the following expansion packs –

  • The Reaper
  • The Frostmarch
  • The Dungeon
  • The City
  • The Highland
  • The Sacred Pool
  • The Nether Realm
Expansions add many more cards, spells, characters and alternative endings to the game. Players can also use many of the included house rules to allow them to set up a game exactly how they want. Short on time? Use the Sudden Death house rule to limit the number of turns. Want to play as random characters? You can!

Unique to the digital version of Talisman, players can earn experience points by their actions within the game and unlock special Runestone cards as they level up. Runestone cards give the characters extra bonuses during games and can even be used in online games against other players.

Talisman: Digital Edition is out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita (Cross Buy & Cross Play).
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