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Talisman: The Horus Heresy
The Isstvan Campaign

The Isstvan Campaign

The Isstvan Campaign will require a copy of Talisman: The Horus Heresy and a Steam account.

The Isstvan Campaign is also available on iOS and Android as an in-app purchase.

About The Isstvan Campaign

It is the beginning of the Horus Heresy, brother shall turn upon brother on the black sands of the Isstvan System….

The expansion includes 6 new Warlords for you to play and each one comes with their custom Legion Dataslates.

For the Traitors:
Fulgrim, the Phoenician, Prefector of Chemos and High Lord of the Emperor's Children.
Perturabo, The Lord of Iron, Primarch of the Iron Warriors - a grim warrior and a master of technological arcarna.
Armillus Dynat, the Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion.

For the Loyalists:
Ferrus Manus, the Gorgon, Master of the Iron Hands.
Nathaniel Garro, Hand of the Sigillite, former Battle-Captain of the Death Guard 7th Battle Company.
Saul Tarvitz, One of the few loyalist Company Captains of the Emperor's Children Legion.

Both Loyalist and Traitor may also play as a Chaplain, an Inspiring leader of any of the 18 Legions.

The Campaign also includes new Stratagems, Places, Strangers and Events for you to explore, plus the entire Isstvan region.

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