The Dragon Expansion

The Legend of the Dragon King

The prophecies of the Dragon Cults have come to pass...

Hundreds of years ago, a mighty wizard dared to assail the Dragon Tower in the Firelands. Once there, he used powerful spells to banish the Dragon King into a horrible black void and then drove the remaining Draconic Lords into hiding far away. Only then was the wizard free to enter the Valley of Fire, a scorched land where arcane fires burn continuously. For the dragons, this was the source of heat that kept the eggs in their hatchery warm, but the wizard had other plans.

The wizard cruelly enslaved spirits who could harness the Valley of Fire’s mystical flames and forged the mighty Crown of Command. With this powerful artefact, he ruled over the land for the rest of his life. When at last the wizard passed away, he hid the Crown of Command within the shattered ruins of the Dragon Tower, waiting for a champion strong enough, brave enough, and clever enough to claim the powerful artefact and become the new ruler of the realm.

But the dragons have not forgotten that the Firelands were once their domain. And there are legends that the dragons will return. Hidden away in shadowy temples, diabolical Dragon Cults teach that the Draconic Lords will return and that one of them will claim the Crown of Command for himself to become the new Dragon King. When the new Dragon King is crowned, it shall herald an era of terror and flame in which only the most devoted servants will be spared.

Recent dark omens lead some to believe that dreadful time may now be at hand. For travellers have seen wyverns and drakes closer to towns, and the silhouettes of larger creatures have been spotted overhead flying to and from the Firelands. There, the dragons toil ceaselessly to rebuild the Dragon Tower, making it an impenetrable fortress.

Now, for those brave adventurers who seek the Crown of Command, the quest is more than just a bid to gain power and influence. It is a race to save the land from the Dragon King’s tyrannical rule!


Dragon Lore

From storm-darkened skies, three Draconic Lords have descended upon the Firelands, their ancestral home, in an attempt to claim the Crown of Command. While all three dragons are mighty and fearsome, each is unique in his abilities and temperaments. The legends of these mythic creatures paint a terrifying picture.


An enormous dragon who possesses unthinkable strength and a keen tactical mind. Those who serve Varthrax thrive on physical combat and typically wield powerful weaponry. This Draconic Lord uses his influence to pit dishonoured knights and power-hungry warlords against those who would oppose his rule, particularly the noble knights who dwell within the Castle. Varthrax usually favours honourable victory in fair combat, but when given over to fits of rage, he lashes out violently, destroying anything and everything around him.


A cunning and calculating dragon with a vast hoard of gold that he uses to enact his complex schemes. Those who serve Cadorus excel in amassing great wealth and exerting political and economic influence. He holds especially strong sway among merchants and nobles who use their fortunes to starve and oppress the simple country folk of the land. Cadorus particularly despises the humble farmers who dwell within the Village, whose simple rural lives and agricultural strength defy the dragon’s ability to bribe or starve them. Cadorus usually favours guile and subterfuge, but when given over to fits of rage, his boundless greed drives him to claim as much wealth as he can with no regard to subtlety.


A mysterious dragon who has mastered the magical art of leeching power from all living things around him. Those who serve Grilipus use spells and rituals to bend the forces of nature to serve their master’s will. He is particularly adept at manipulating druids, rangers, and others who are tied to the natural elements. Grilipus finds the priests who dwell within the Temple intolerable and seeks to wipe them out for their worship of spirits that dwell within the sky, not the land. Grilipus is usually protective of the environment from which he draws his power, but when given over to fits of rage, his corrupt nature reaches out and poisons everything around him with death and decay.

Character Lore

Dragon Hunter

A fierce fortune-seeker who has perfected the dangerous art of tracking and slaying dragons to claim their hoards and collect rewards from terrified villagers.

Fire Wizard

A volatile and frightening master of pyromancy who is torn by the constant struggle between his rational pursuits and the all-consuming rage that burns inside of him.

Dragon Rider

A fearless and insightful traveller who, through discipline and bravery, has uncovered the mysteries of taming dragons, turning them from ferocious enemies to loyal companions.


A deft and nimble practitioner of the magical arts who uses her miraculous sleight-of-hand to entertain and delight those she encounters.

Dragon Priestess

A domineering and powerhungry matriarch of the Dragon Cults who can perform ancient rituals and sacrifices to gain boons from the dragons she worships.


A brutish creature of unrestrained violence who charges forward to crush anything in his path with no regard to the devastation that he brings.

Dragon Tower Lore

At the very heart of the realm lies a volcanic wasteland known as the Firelands. Long ago, a great tower stood in the centre of the Firelands from which the Dragon King ruled. The Dragon King was both strong and wise, and while none dared trespass within his domain, dragonkind never presumed to expand their borders beyond the Firelands.

But one day a mighty wizard challenged the Dragon King for the right to enter the sacred Valley of Fire, the birthplace of dragonkind. The Dragon King burned with rage at the wizard’s insolence and attacked him with the ferocity of flame and fang. An epic battle ensued, and while the wizard was a master of the arcane arts, he was no match for the Dragon King. The wizard realised that no spell in his arsenal could kill the Dragon King, but there was magic powerful enough to banish him. The wizard performed his ritual and opened a portal between the realm of dragons and a horrible black void. The tower was pulled apart as stone after stone disappeared into the void, and although he struggled fiercely, the Dragon King ultimately disappeared into the void as well. With their king gone, the remaining Draconic Lords fled to the extreme corners of the world, fearful of the wizard’s wrath should they ever return.

Seeing that the Dragon Tower had been reduced to a shattered husk, the wizard travelled to the Valley of Fire, where he used its searing eldritch heat to craft the Crown of Command, the most powerful artefact ever created. Empowered by the Crown, he ruled over the land for many, many years until the end of his life. Since then, secret Dragon Cults have formed, praying that the Draconic Lords will someday return and grant the cultists power and influence in exchange for their worship. These cults tell of a prophecy in which one day a new Dragon King will arise, ruling the entire realm from a new Dragon Tower and adorned with the Crown of their enemy. After years of labouring in secret, the Dragon Cults’ patience was finally rewarded. They found three of the Draconic Lords – Varthrax, Cadorus, and Grilipus – who had gone into hiding many years ago. The cultists told the Draconic Lords that the wizard who drove them off was dead and that the Firelands were ready to be reclaimed.

To each of the Draconic Lords, this was at last an opportunity to not just return to their ancestral home, but to claim the Crown of Command. With the awesome power of the Crown, a Draconic Lord could establish himself as the undisputed new Dragon King, ruling over his brethren and subjugating all other living things to his will. Believing no other dragon to be worthy of the title, each Draconic Lord now struggles to establish dominance by rebuilding the Dragon Tower.

Once the tower is complete and one of the Draconic Lords acquires the Crown of Command, the Dragon Cults’ prophecy may well come to pass. A new era of dragons will begin, and all living things will bow to the sovereign rule of the new Dragon King!

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